Second LDJam for me, @Drenghel and first one for my mate @maldeirra !

I met the guy in local GameJam in France and I found a way to drag him over here ^-^.
Sadly, as we're both Devs and he was better at drawing pixel-art than me, he had to draw for the most part :(
( Not that's not a good thing, uh, fellow designers ;) )

Anyway he did a damn good job at it and was massively involved in the game (Sound, zombie spawning, anims) !
( Only drawback, now he just calls me "Filthy Dev" because I called him "Graphic designer", uhuh )

FunFact :
12 cups of tea died during the making of this game :(

[Description Part]

So our game is a puzzle one !
Old school look ( If you think about a famous Professor for our character you maybe right :D)


The plot is basically that your a scientist trapped in ONE ROOM ( See what we did there ? ), you have to figured out a cure for your colleagues that have been infected by a mean virus trapped in a mammoth millennials ago !
Did I mentioned it takes place in the North Pole ?
Well now I did !
Why are you the alone one alive ? ( Well a bit more than his counterparts ...)
He was taking a nap ! HAPPENS !


Arrow Keys Or ZQSD Movement ( Sorry FR keyboard, had no time tie fix that)
Space to interact with objects in the room
Mouse and left click to activate them once close enough ( usually it affect the Becher you're holding)

[Things that should have been there / should be fixed]

You were originally capable of hiding from zombies
And they should have killed you if you weren't hiding beneath a table
The heater in the back table should have been a thing use to refine your cure.
A Clock was supposed to be showing you how much time left. (Real Time) Until power runs out.
Windows getting broke, doors too
Sprite layers need polishing

Well maybe when I wake up from my 3 days of sleeping :D

That's pretty must it !
As usual, had a blast even if i'm exhausted submitting a game feels awesome.

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